Hello Friends,

First of all sincerely sorry.

We have not been able to make any update announcements since the end of IEO due to project team member being Busy due to various temporary issues.

Thanks for supporting us.

We’ve been able to raise almost $ 850K fund for your help.
We will use this fund for Project Global Marketing, Development, Listing and Dex etc.

Initially we planned to list the token price on $1.
We could do it if we wanted to. But we have changed the listing price considering the bad effect will face our community if we list on $1. Like Price Dumping, Delisting Issue

Some common questions and their answers Why the listing price was changed? Was it a marketing propaganda for IEO success?

First of all, the previous listing price was not marketing propaganda. We have promoted our project with PR, Blog, Video, Influencer. Let’s explain in detail why the listing price was changed.

In our 3 rounds IEO price are $0.1, $0.12, $0.15 respectively.
Suppose now if our listing price is set at $1, then everyone will continue to sell at $1. and it almost 10x.
But even if we have a lot of seller who bought the token at IEO price, there is no buyer at $1.
That’s why the price will drop a lot. -80%, -100% or more…

This will break the terms and conditions of exchange.

We are listing in the listing prize that we mentioned in the project start. 0.5 Probit, Hotbit Listing and Trade Start.

Sorry for changing the price $1 to 0.5$
If you do not understand the problem and do not support us, it will be difficult to move forward in front of us.

The exchange has given us the condition that the first 1 week on listing price comes next to the market price average should be maintained.

Otherwise our IEO fund will be locked and SPP will be Delist
What do you think it will better finish this project like this?

And Think it, Now you are getting 5x profit about already. Because the IEO price was 0.1, 0.12, 0.15$ and the trading price is 0.5$

We want to give our community something good, so support us.

We will list on Probit $0.5 and quickly start trading on Hotbit to reduce sell pressure.

Hotbit listing announcements will be make very quickly.

We wanted Hotbit Trading to start on May 6th.
But due to Hotbit maintenance our Hotbit trading date is delayed. The reason for the start of trading during IEO was that we had token holders who buy tokens from Pancakeswap.

Our request to IEO buyers Please hold your token. We will Reach 1$ soon.

We will start staking.
Who will Hold and stake there token for those have an attractive APR stacking.

We want your support to keep the market price average in the first week at our Probit. We are trying our best for all the other target exchange listings.

Hopefully in June-July we will be able to publish our App, Dex and get the project platform ready and go to all the other medium and large exchanges. Before Publish the App and DEX, we will reach higher than 1$.

Hopefully Before our platform ready and we will hit our ATH Price $1 before listing on other medium and large exchanges.

We just want your support
We hope we can give you something good with your support.

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